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Head Lice
One of the most dreaded aspects of attending school is dealing with head lice!  It is important to keep in mind that head lice do not jump, fly, or hop and they do not carry disease.  You may be surprised to know that we no longer exclude children from school due to head lice and haven't since 2004!  

Jonesville Community Schools follows the Michigan Department of Education/Michigan Department of Public Health guidelines regarding the management of head lice.  

If you suspect that your child has head lice or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 517/826-7114 or tvarney@jonesvilleschools.org.

I have included links below for the MDE/MDPH information as well as some additional information from other sources.  

NEW! Head Lice 101:  What You Should Know About Head Lice

Michigan Head Lice Manual

Rapunzel's Lice Boutique - non-toxic head lice treatment center

Other resources