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Nurses Corner

Nurses Corner

School Nurses...Good for Their School

School Nurses allow teachers and staff to focus on education.

School Nurses promote compliance with federal and state laws, mitigating school liability for providing inappropriate or inadequate health services.

School Nurses provide professional input and direction for effective school health policies and programs.

School Nurses provide expertise when planning for school emergencies and disasters.

School Nurses provide leadership to ensure a health and wellness culture in schools for students and staff by using data to assess and address population and individual needs.

School Nurses promote a healthy school environment through promoting handwashing, good hygiene, vaccination compliance, nutrition education, and physical activity programs.

School Nurses, through prevention and treatment of health and behavioral issues, save schools money by improving student attendance and on time grade progression.

School Nurses empower students and staff to develop healthy behaviors that promote health and wellness.

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My name is Tina Varney.  I am a registered nurse and have worked at Jonesville Community Schools since 1999.  I love getting to know and take care of your children!  My office is at the Elementary and I spend one morning a week in the other buildings - Tuesdays at the Middle School/Pathways and Wednesdays at the High School.  If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to give me a call or stop in and say Hi!

The above message is from The National Association of School Nurses Better Health. Better Learning Tool Kit.  Too many communities, school leaders, legislators and policy-makers don't fully understand the vital role School Nurses play in both education and community health.  I will be posting key information, facts and statistics on this site.  Visit often as I add new information throughout the year!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 517/849-9175, ext. 1404 or the direct line to my office at 517/826-7114. You can also contact me at tvarney@jonesvilleschools.org

Tina Varney, RN
School Nurse/District Health Coordinator
"Efforts to improve school performance that ignore health are ill-conceived, as are health improvement efforts that ignore education."
"If schools do not deal with children's health by design, they deal with it by default."
-from the book Health Is Academic