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Nurses Corner

Nurses Corner

School Nursing...Making a Difference for Student Health

School Nurses promote wellness, disease prevention, and effective disease management to improve health outcomes for students.

School Nurses identify undiagnosed health concerns and save lives of students and staff.

School Nurses screen and refer young children to provide early access to health interventions, at a critical time in their development.

School Nurses serve as a frontline safety net for the most vulnerable students, many of whom may not have access to health care and medical homes.

School Nurses have specialized knowledge, assessment skills, and judgment required to meet diverse and demanding health needs.

School Nurses are members of school-based mental health teams, contributing to essential mental health services.

School Nurses lead the school health team coordinating care for students with serious and urgent conditions ranging from allergies and chronic illness, and behavioral health issues.

School Nurses provide care to students with complex health issues and remove health barriers so students can reach learning goals.

School Nurses Are My Superheroes!

We asked a bunch of real people, from kids to parents to school nurses themselves: "What do school nurses do?" The answers might surprise you!

The folks at Found Sound Puppets bring these answers to life by transforming everyday school supplies into puppets that animate the audio in crazy ways.

From dealing with diabetes to helping tackle community health challenges, school nurses are doing more than ever before to keep students healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

Click HERE to view the video about the importance of school nurses!

School nurses are on the front lines of health care, making a difference in the lives of our nation's children!

Thanks to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Eepybird Studios for making this video possible!

Learn more about the power of school nurses at NASN.org and find out more about this project at NASN.org/share.

Moms will love this! Learn something from stapler! @NASN.ORG/SHARE

Click HERE for an article from Consumer Reports - "What You Should Know About School Nurses"

My name is Tina Varney.  I am a registered nurse and have worked at Jonesville Community Schools since 1999.  I love getting to know and take care of your children!  My office is at the Elementary and I spend one morning a week in the other buildings - Tuesdays at the Middle School/Pathways and Wednesdays at the High School.  If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to give me a call or stop in and say Hi!

The above message is from The National Association of School Nurses Better Health. Better Learning Tool Kit.  Too many communities, school leaders, legislators and policy-makers don't fully understand the vital role School Nurses play in both education and community health.  I will be posting key information, facts and statistics on this site.  Visit often as I add new information throughout the year!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 517/849-9175, ext. 1404 or the direct line to my office at 517/826-7114. You can also contact me at tvarney@jonesvilleschools.org

Tina Varney, RN
School Nurse/District Health Coordinator
"Efforts to improve school performance that ignore health are ill-conceived, as are health improvement efforts that ignore education."
"If schools do not deal with children's health by design, they deal with it by default."
-from the book Health Is Academic