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Healty Options for School Lunches

Healthy Options for School Lunches and Snacks 

  • Compartmentalized lunch kits, or small reusable bpa-free plastic containers keep food separate and appealing. Reusable ice packs keep perishables, like yogurt, safe. 
  • For lunch, include a fruit serving, a vegetable serving, a good source of protein, a healthy beverage - and a healthy treat for dessert or snack. 
  • Test new foods and combinations with your child at home to choose foods your child prefers. 

Vegetable Bites 

  • Cherry tomatoes and baby carrots with hummus or a favorite dip. 
  • Celery stuffed with light cream cheese, sprinkled with raisins.
  • Lettuce with chopped apple, cherry tomatoes, sugar pea pods- and a mini¬≠container of dressing. 

Protein Power 

  • Turkey and cheese slices in a wrap, or rolled and sliced into "pinwheels". 
  • One or two deviled eggs (using mustard, reduced fat mayo and sugar free relish). 
  • Low-sugar or plain yogurt you sweeten yourself, layered with fresh fruit with a small baggie of low fat granola topping. 
  • Whole grain pita with tuna salad and thinly sliced cucumbers and bell peppers. 

Snack Worthy 

  • Whole grain baked tortilla chips with salsa.
  • Whole grain pretzels with soft cheese or hummus to dip.
  • Thinly sliced apples or pears, topped with cheese.