If you’ve had the chance to attend an event at the high school, one of the first things you notice is that we need to upgrade and improve our athletic fields. As a community, better athletic fields would bring added benefits that keep our student athletes safe, reduce traffic at student pick-up and drop-off, and bring the entire community together through improved recreational facilities and events.

Planned upgrades would benefit our students and the entire community:

  • Improves student access and eliminates student travel across a highway for practice.
  • Reduces traffic congestion with the elementary school pick up.
  • Additional, well lit parking for athletic events.
  • Improved track facilities allows Jonesville the ability to host regional invitationals
  • Soccer games with bleacher seating.
  • No more bussing football players to home games.
  • Upgraded outdoor marching band performance and practice facilities and the ability to host marching band festivals.
  • Cost savings through the reduction in the need to update existing facilities.
  • Reduction in scheduling conflicts with the high school and middle school each having their own facilities to utilize.
  • More opportunities for the community such as providing City recreation teams with greater access to current softball and baseball fields.
  • Youth football utilization of the current football field, providing a safer location away from traffic and more flexibility with scheduling.
  • Facility for athletes to have a building for halftime as opposed to a bus and a bus garage.
  • Bathrooms facilities to eliminate the need of porta potties for athletic events.
  • In the long run, this would save us money and provide needed changes to support Jonesville students and our entire community

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