These are some great websites with health related information for both adults and kids. Check in frequently as I will add more when I come across them!

NEW! We are always looking for new, healthy recipes. Click HERE for a list of some great suggestions for healthy snacks and recipes for kids.

It’s a fact that kids who exercise regularly have a greatly reduced risk of developing serious health problems as adults. Kids today tend to get less physical activity than previous generations, many of them spending several hours in front of a computer or TV screen every day. With childhood obesity on the rise experts, officials, parents, and teachers are working together to make sure that kids get plenty of exercise and create a healthier future. This page is full of free resources for anyone looking to help kids get excited about physical fitness. Click HERE for more information!

Did you know that over 28% of students aged 12-18 have reported being bullied and over 43% have witnessed or experienced cyberbullying online? In response to this issue, the team at OnlineSchools.org has created a new resource for bullying and cyberbullying in schools. Click HERE to view this guide.

This a great site with a kids safety guide, which includes chapters on common household hazards for children of all ages, tv and internet safety for kids, firearm and gun safety for kids, and home childproofing tips. Click here for the Baby Proofing and Kids Home Safety Guide.

Concerned about your adolescent's health? Click here to visit the Office of Adolescent Health for more information about their TAG - Think, Act, Grow initiative.

Are you in need of dental health services? Please contact our Public Health Dental Clinic located at 20 Care Drive, Hillsdale at 877-313-6232. Click here for great information about how cavities form, how to prevent them and how they are treated. Thanks to the kids at the Morrow Community Center in Gilead, Ohio for the suggestion!

Does your child feel it's ok to talk with you about sex and sexual health? If not, have you thought about who will answer your child's questions? Only you can tell your child that it's okay to ask you questions. Click here to learn how to be an Askable Parent! After all, you are your child's first and most important teacher, even adolescents in their mid-teens are still learning from you.

A new site from the American Academy of Pediatrics devoted to health from the prenatal stage to young adulthood with a searchable data base.

Healthy Children

This site has a lot of great information on general health with separate sites for parents, kids, and teens.
Kids Health

Site with activities to encourage eating 5 to 9 servings of fruits an veggies every day. Information for kids, parents, and teachers too!
Dole 5 A Day

The National Dairy Council® (NDC), the nutrition marketing arm of Dairy Management Inc.™ has been the leader in dairy nutrition research, education and communication since 1915. NDC provides timely, scientifically sound nutrition information to the media, physicians, dietitians, nurses, educators, consumers and others concerned about fostering a healthier society.
The National Dairy Council