Do you know a child that needs vision care? An eye exam? Glasses? But they don’t have any insurance to cover the costs?

Jonesville Community Schools in partnership with Sight For Students, a program sponsored by VSP and the National Association of School Nurses, has gift certificates available for those who meet the following criteria:

-Family income is no more than 200% of federal poverty level, as indicated below:
-Child is NOT enrolled in Medicaid or any other vision insurance
-Child is 18 years old or younger and has not graduated high school
-Child or parent is U.S. citizen or documented immigrant with a social security number
-Child has not used the program during the last 12 months

To obtain a gift certificate for a free eye exam with a local doctor and glasses (if prescribed) contact Tina Varney at 517-849-9175, ext. 1404 or 517-826-7114 to verify eligibility.